Tuesday, October 7, 2008

O's 2008 Season in Review (Part 2)

Before I write this blog, I'd like to thank the guys at ABC Channel 2 for keeping my post up all season long...I don't know how many hits I had and I'm still bartending at Bertucci's but I certainly appreciate the help! I'll find a job soon...

Now lets talk Orioles baseball...for my final post (?) let's review the Birds by position...

  • Catcher: Ramon Hernandez is finished. I love the fact he can speak Spanish with the pitchers, but he can't block a ball, throw a runner out or hit the ball anymore. The O's were experimenting with him at first base, but I don't see that happening. Expect Matt Wieters to start before the All-Star Break.
  • First Base: I love Kevin Millar, but all signs point to Millar leaving the team. He's a bench player at best for the O's in 2009. The Birds started both R. Hernandez and Aubrey Huff at first last season, and all of Baltimore should be praying that Mark Teixeira starts at first next year.
  • Second Base: Brian Roberts. That's all I have to say...unless the Birds receive a monster offer for Roberts, he needs to stay. Another solid year for the O's leadoff hitter.
  • Shortstop: We don't have one.
  • Third Base: Melvin Mora had a career year. Aubrey Huff stood in nicely.
  • Outfield: The O's have one of the best squads in baseball. Nick Markakis, Adam Jones and Luke Scott are solid, and Luis Montanez adds depth...I don't see any need for improvement here.

Unfortunately, the Birds need help in one area...pitching.

  • Starters: At this point I only trust in Jeremy Guthrie. Daniel Cabrera can't be trusted, and the rest of the staff is questionable at best. I liked Brian Bass in the last few games of the season. Minor League starters provide a lot of promise, but we need starting pitching NOW.
  • Relievers: They were great early, and horrible late. Injuries and wear and tear took a toll, and the trade of Chad Bradford to the Rays didn't help. Middle relief is almost as important as starting pitching, and the O's need both.
  • Closers: George Sherrill was incredible early on, but an injury mid-season killed the O's in the final inning(s). With both Sherrill and Chris Ray healthy in 2009, the Birds could have two great options in the later innings...

I'm sure I'll be back for at least one more post, especially since two AL East teams (Tampa Bay and Boston) are fighting to represent the AL in The World Series...

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